With unity and purpose that transcends race, class, sex, age, or place of natural origin, we present testimony about the trauma and truth regarding personal experiences with historical, generational pain caused by racism in America and the legacy of slavery. The tragic experiences and reality of everyday life for people of color, specifically Black Americans and Indigenous populations, can no longer be denied.


Our goal is to light a spark for freedom through the telling of stories concerning past and present patterns of oppression. We take these steps with the intent to bury systemic racism in our governments, in our communities, and in our hearts.


Truth and Reconciliation Commissions have been established by nations in the past, most notably in South Africa after the end of Apartheid, in an effort to make past injustices part of the public record and to legitimize the struggles of marginalized groups. While the American government has yet to create such a commission, this non-governmental effort has a similar intent: to recognize and make public the injustices that people of color, especially Black Americans and Indigenous populations, have faced.


With the establishment of this website to receive these stories categorized by issue area, vital information will be used to bear witness to the need for real and lasting policies and programs that will improve the lives and communities of those affected. We are calling for a cultural and moral shift that moves beyond tinkering at the edges of oppression.


We will gather unscripted, unedited testimony from people of different races and generations. From these testimonies, selections will be made for presentation at an event scheduled for November 7, 2021, in Wilmington, Delaware. Save the Date!


We seek to continue to educate all people about America’s historic diversity collaborations between races and the implications for today’s progressive protest movement. Through re-education, it is our hope that this effort will help the misinformed become allies in the struggle for real change.


"This is no time for answers that don’t answer and solutions that don’t solve. This is the time for action.”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - 1964


“The weight of injustice is on all of our necks and we can’t breathe...”

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II - June, 2020


“Movements for real and lasting change are sustained by the relationships we build with one another...”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama


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